Something At All Can Happen Just Earlier Than The Sunrise

° topar con to come across, find, come uponTopé con él en la calle.I came upon him on the street. Tapa lidDónde está la tapa de la caja? ▲ coverLas tapas de este libro están manchadas.The covers of this guide are stained. Tanda turnComo somos muchos, almorzaremos por tandas.Since there are such a lot of of us, we’ll take turns at lunch. ▲ performance, session Iremos a la primera tanda.We’ll go to the first performance.

▲ little bit, small amountNo tiene chispa de tonto.He’s by no means silly. ° echar chispas to rage, be furiousCuando se lo dije echó chispas.When I advised him that, he obtained livid. Chico little, smallEl cuarto en que vive es muy chico.He lives in a very small room. ▲ boy, kidTiene tres chicos.She has three kids. Chancearse to jest, joke, foolSe chancea de todo el mundo.He makes fun of all people. Carretera highway, roadEn este país las carreteras son magníficas.The highways in this nation are wonderful.

▲ straightTiene el pelo liso.She has straight hair. ▲ plainPrefiero las telas lisas.I favor plain supplies. ▲ slipperyEl suelo está muy liso.The floor could be very slippery. Lengua tongueMe mordí la lengua.I bit my tongue.

—Hasta mañana.Until tomorrow.orSee you tomorrow. ▲ as far asFueron hasta la última calle del pueblo.They went so far as the last road in town. ° hasta aquí so farHasta aquí todo está bien.So far everything is all right. Esa cantidad en el haber.Enter that quantity on the credit side. ° haber de to be toHe de salir mañana.I’m to leave tomorrow. ° hay there is, there are.Hay uno.There’s one.

“As the radio performs old forgotten boleros” – Bolero refers to a genre of sung music originated in eastern Cuba in the late 19th century as part of the trova tradition. This style gained widespread popularity round Latin America all through the twentieth century, and continues to thrive. Taíno genocide- “We survived Taíno genocide,” says Daniela concerning the Latin folks. The Taíno had been the indigenous people of the Caribbean, together with Cuba and Puerto Rico, who were all but worn out by the Spanish. Everyone tells me to have endurance and religion in God, but I have to do one thing now.

“Dancing with Mayor La Guardia” – Fiorello Henry La Guardia was the 99th mayor of New York City for 3 terms from 1934 to 1945. Sigue, sigue” – lyrics from the popular song “El Tiburón” by the Dominican band Proyecto Uno. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA except in any other case noted.

Manifestar [rad-ch I] to specific, showEn la carta manifestaba estar conforme.In the letter he expressed his agreement. ° manifestarse to make a demonstrationLos obreros quisieron manifestarse, pero no pudieron.The employees wished to make an indication, but couldn’t. Malograr to waste, to overlook, fail to reap the advantages of Malograron la ocasión.They failed to benefit from the chance.

Un rato.When you finish this work, rest for some time. Desabrigarse to take off outer clothes, to expose oneself . Demostración proofEso no necesita demostración.That does not need any proof. ▲ demonstrationSe le recibió con grandes demostraciones de alegría.He was acquired with great demonstrations of joy. No venir a cuento to not have bearing on the questionLo que dice Ud.

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